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5 Reasons NOT To Root Your Android Device

5 Reasons NOT To Root Your Android Device

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In my last video I talked about 5 reasons to root your android device. As with everything rooting has its disadvantages too. So here are 5 reasons or disadvantages of rooting your android device.


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  • Billy Palma

    If You lose your warranty on your phone you cant fix it ?

  • Mitchell Rist

    I’ve heard that kingo root is pretty safe, can it brick your phone?

  • Jeanpaul Modeste

    1 thing I wanna know and someone can u please comment as soon as possible. I want to know if I can root my lg phoenix 2

  • hi ih

    -Starts the video-lemme guess hes gonna be indian.. -Seconds later-(indian accent) in my last video…. Called it.

  • Kevon Boss

    I have to root my phone somehow

  • Kevon Boss

    I won’t be using anything that I used on my normal phone new account and everything

  • Alvin Joseph Judilla

    does rooting expanding the internal memory?

  • Abhilash Abhi

    is it safe to root oppo f1s

  • Bojan Mitrovic Slash4Game

    ROOT makes PC from your Phone, if u are usual user dont root, if u gonna root have at last strong/expensive phone

  • Crazy coding cat

    You can root Pixel under warrenty and still keep it

  • xbaniel adrianx

    Why are most android users are Idians

  • Oldbuckeye

    Durk a durk a durk

  • justin vamshi techs

    if we rooted our mobile all inter storage will be deleted ahh

  • Divergent Droid

    The word Sword, doesn’t pronounce the W at all. the W is silent. so pronounce it Sord.

  • LooLoo The Worm

    i rooted my phone and they just uninstalled the root and fixed my phone


    My phone staying a vergin

  • gta HEISTS

    I have bricked my phone

  • boss01098 luis

    Cant update my phone cause i rooted my phone …so i got rid of it and still cant update it

  • lg187788

    The accent though

  • Good Sir

    You hack games. Simple as

  • truegamester unknown_rooted

    Like or comment if ur rooted like me

  • vanhetgoor

    YESSS! Rooting a phone is necessary, there are to many shitty programs the manufacturer of the phone wants you to use. You must get rid of them, the only way of doing so is rooting the phone. One reason, nothing more!

  • minecrafted63

    I tryed rooting and get stuck in a boot loop and now cant root cuz i get a boot loop so i have default android

  • RazielBorn

    I just want to be able to use my flash drive on my android samsung phone. I downloaded stickmount, but it will not work. Crashes each time. What do I do?

  • Ian Johnson

    Unistall root they can’t reject your waraty without proof

  • Gisi

    I will never

  • TECHNICAL review


  • TECHNICAL review

    thanks adi

  • praveen paradox

    I wanna root my Moto x play. Plz guide me

  • King Usagi

    For xiaomi users, bricked phone is not a big deal ­čśé, because they provide steps and ROMs for ur phone on how to unbrick it, love ur video btw fair and informative

  • Zach Waksmonski

    No one wants to know I bet, but here’s the origin of root(ing): It starts out with Android’s two older brothers: Linux and UNIX. These had 3 user types: *Standard*, who could not do much other than use programs without an admin password. *Administrator*, who could do **_most_** stuff on the PC. *Then there was root.* _The_ root user has full and complete access to the system. Rooting your phone elevates you to the powers of this root user. Non-rooted phones are like administrator.

  • Theo

    I only use root for battery

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