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Android 2.2 MID wm8650 7″ Touchscreen wm 8650 firmware problems repair and market fix

Android 2.2 MID wm8650 7″ Touchscreen wm 8650 firmware problems repair and market fix

As of 8/29/2013 we no longer support repairs on these tablets or monitior comments. This video will be removed 12/31/2013

We hope this video answers some of your questions about the 7″ wm8650 tablet that you have been asking. yes it works and yes you can download apps and stream video and play pandora. This will also fix the android market and give you the official google Play Store. In our newest update, no longer works but everything else, speed, wifi, market are all much better. We now offer repair if you attempted to update your firmware and received the error – Cannnot upgrade kernel nand and Failed to mount Android – data partition. We also can fix the dreaded wm8650 white screen after attempting to update.


  • Philip Bownes

    Is it possible to update the Ram & processor in this tablet?

  • TuDulceMentha


  • androidcodemaster

    No, you can not update the ram or processer

  • androidcodemaster

    update the firmware to bypass the password lock. Also, stop using passwords you can not remember.

  • androidcodemaster

    If your tablet is working but not good you should buy the update, If you bricked your tablet with bad firmware then you should purchase the unbrick option which includes updating after the unbricking

  • Shawn Forbes

    I’m aware of the tablet model, I can obviously read. A13 is not a tablet model, rather a type of processor chip, you know the little chips inside the tablet that makes it work, not exactly run by magic hamsters now is it. I found out for myself anyway.

  • androidcodemaster

    Usually I would not waste my time responding to someone like you but since you brought up magic hamsters (or in your case Gerbils)
    You asked if it was an A13- I said, No it is wm8650
    WM8650 is the chip by VIA not the model. You should be careful about making comments that bring your ignorance to the 170.000+ viewers of this video. We have helped thousands of people, what have you ever done?

  • Shawn Forbes

    I thought WM8650 referred to the Via wondermedia 8650 7″ tablet, you know the one with the ARM926EJ-S CPU in it.

    Don’t presume to know what I have or haven’t done, you know nothing of me or my work. If you were half as helpful as you think yourself to be you would have realized I came here seeking help and info but was instead met with hostility and arrogance.

  • funnyss asshss

    Where I can download that rom,

  • Keron Johnson

    I have the same thing and it is not booting after doing a factory reset. When it is turned on the ANDROID comes up then, goes to black screen with android_ blinking and nothing happens. Do you know how to fix this problem?

  • odane thomas

    i have that same problem how can i fix it

  • androidcodemaster

    ANDROID does not sound like a wm8650 running android 2.2.
    Whatever you have needs to be reflashed

  • androidcodemaster

    “That Rom” does not exist. There are over 170 variations of generic tablets and the rom needs to be made for your specific tablet. That was the whole point of the video. There is not a single rom that works for every tablet.

  • androidcodemaster

    Thanks again for another funny comment. The wondermedia 8650 7″ tablet is exactly that. A generic tablet running a wm8650 chip in a 7″ form. The ARM926EJ-S was used in VIA VT8505( ARM926EJ-S) not wondermedia

  • androidcodemaster

    All the generic tablets look alike. There are over 170 of them. Look at the boot screen on the lower right corner. Look for the build number info. There should be 3 lines there. Please let us know what they are and maybe we can help. Also, you can still find us on ebay anytime. In your case, the tablet is bricked, so look up wm8650 unbrick on ebay.

  • ilias merini

    how to reset my tablet idk if same looks like but i forgot my pass

  • androidcodemaster

    You will probably need to change the firmware to get past the password block.

  • PaDee Thao

    How do I reset or reboot my tablet?

  • Meagan Mclaughlin

    I have an MID android tablet, numbers on box are 88007420. When I turn it on it says “Failed to recover system, system halted” Can anyone help? Pleeease

  • josh Beastlybeast

    i have a battery issue on my mid tablet, whanever i tried to plug the battery on it, it doesnt work.. Pls how to fix it? Thanks 😀


    After all night pluged in, the battery on my MID tablet still not charging at all, looks like is dead and it needs to be replaced but there’s no way to how open the case. Can somebody tell me how is done? I don’t see any screws holding the screen to the case.

  • RSWleague

    How do you get pass a password that is locked out? That is the only thing I need to know. My sister bought on, and forgot the password. She said if I can fix it I can have it.

  • itsme10101982

    it said it was gonna show me how to reset it -.-

  • romegin resma

    Can the reset improve the tablet’s performance? Would it erase the android?

  • allyson reyes

    we are trying to open (turn on ours) and it wont open. we just use it for a cope of days. please help

  • dillen adams

    when i turn mine on it just has the android guy spinning on and

  • Enrique Martinez

    Por favor alguien me puede ayudar, tengo una como esta y se quedo pegada con el logo de androi cuando la prendo, gracias.

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