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this video will help you to Fix sim not supported problems of iphones with 100% working and permanent solution……………………….

to fix that problem u required R-sim for ur iphone and this r-sim is a small ic which helps to unlock all the carrier locked iphones….

you ncan buy this r-sim from your local iphone repair store under 20$ – 30$ for a working original r-sim or also can buy online.

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  • priti gajmer

    hi plz can u help me to unlock my iphone 6 … my phone’s same problem same wat u showing plz plz i really need help

  • Tariq zaman

    good job

  • Ajay Ajay

    hlo g my phone v bata hai sim not supported iPhone 4s please help me fiend

  • kìñg k!ng

    Bee loda nahi thatu chodya

  • Yogesh Sahadevan

    Bro, I have my iPhone 6 which my brother brought for me, when he studied in UK, now it shows that the carrier has been locked, that’s a lot for this video, I’ve ordered for an r-sim and as soon as I get it, I’ll try this and ask you if i need any further assistance.

  • Hunter Mans

    Will it work for the carrier Vigin mobile? And great video btw.

  • Hayley Hightower

    after putting in phone i see in the corner that theres network available but it still says sim not supported. when i take out my magic sim and sim i look in settings and it shows my carrier has changed from the one it is locked to to my current provider but placing the sim back in my phone is once again says sim not supported.

  • Mhar Vince Mando

    I follow what do you do but
    After activation lock
    Entering my apple i.d and
    Welcome home screen
    My phone comming back to activation lock
    And enter again my apple i.d and
    Welcome screen and back to activation and enter again my apple i.d
    Please help me

  • enna r

    Hahhaha you did not make it work


    Can the same turbo sim be used for different SIM cards

  • Gaythi Gaya

    Plz help me i also got tz problem but my sim is had sim lock

  • 卍演性居士

    Pay? Are you kidding? Apple are selling you a faulty products and expect you to pay them to fix the problem.

  • Mork Vuthy

    how can i have that kind of unlock sim, my friend?

  • Nurain Mtahir

    i have 6s that hve been jailbreak previouly, do u think this methd will work?

  • Clyde Razon

    What kind of gpp should i put for ios 11.1.2?? Help guys please

  • Arsh Rehman

    your hand looks soo dark! damn bruh!

  • rakib islam

    does it work perfectly? I mean any network problem?

  • dev datt singh

    Cloud not activate my phone 6s pls help me

  • Dheeraj Pandit

    help to unlock country lock iPhone 6s plus..

  • desi yaadi

    From where we will get it and how much for this

  • jimmy tang

    you can reach me by texting me@(206) 504-1394 or Skype @ smartphone services. I do all Apple products blacklisted , icloud and many more

  • Niadraug Levid

    I have r-sim already I used it to my old sim but when I change my sim again it says that sim not valid

  • Pekka Boy

    Thank’s a lot… I’ve been trying to watch a lot to find out how would I open my iPhone 5c… all video I watched before just want me to spend money.. thank’s to bro… if I only rate your video I will rate it 5star… more power to you.

  • Deep Multani

    Hello i have iphone 7 .mobile show sim not supported 3 method u told it work in iphone 7

  • Ramiz Ahmadi

    hi i have iPhone 5s and i reset my iPhone my phone show this massage sim not supported and i bough r sim its not working plz help me

  • Jeevan Nepal

    Hi sir it’s me jeevan nepali plz help me how to sim not supported unluck

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