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Downgrade you Facebook Android app to older version and solve any problems

Downgrade you Facebook Android app to older version and solve any problems

Join Android VIP club:
Find detailed steps and the installation files here:
Where to find older version of other apps:


  • Simon Koss

    Nexus 4 (in a case)

  • Vencislav Georgiev

    where I can get this installation file?

  • Simon Koss

    we added the link to the description

  • Simon Koss

    we added a link on the description where to find older versions of other apps

  • Simon Koss

    This tutorial is for Android devices only (as part of Android VIP Club). If you have an iOS device, you need to jailbrake it first and then find the right application.

  • oran stanisic

    ma kakvi,ni ta vise ne radi kako treba,probao sam,radila je super,ali vise ne,ocigledno da se facebook i android bas nesto i ne uklapaju kako treba.

  • Simon Koss

    some older editions work better! so you can try them!!

  • RatedR' Sny

    bro thanks a lot! it worked nicely! I was so desperate to get back 3.5 after updating it to crappy 3.6! now my problem is solved! many many thanks

  • Alexis Gacia

    I don’t know if this help for the others about old versions of Facebook. We can download the old version from

  • Yaron Rechtschaffer

    Too fast with the finger my friend. Can’t see where you were pressing exactly.
    No one managed to do it on galaxy 1or2????

  • Theresa LoGullo

    THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you! from someone who’s technically challenged.

  • Alduin's Khajiit

    thank you. tagging only first name quit working in Facebook 14 & 15, I downgraded to 13 and problem fixed

  • Alexi Lopez

    Hey man thanks it works, nice job.

  • Ga Dan

    You are going to fast, can’t see well. Can you please write step by step. Thanks in advance

  • Amy Young

    Thank you kindly!  The latest update for facebook wasn’t allowing any photos to load on my Android.  Reverting to the prior version resolved the issue!

  • Deanka Jones

    I know it’s only available to do the facebook profile videos on ios , , I have alot of videos on fb , and I would like to use a few of them as profile videos, but the problem is that I have a android mobile device , if I try to downgrade fb , Will this work?

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