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Fix Iphone not charging?

Fix Iphone not charging?

Iphone not charging, apple port


  • frank pich

    conectec to itunes and press home and power botton at the same time

  • LDN- 97

    Lol published on my birthday. Great vid, i will try this out

  • faithplus0

    Where can I buy this in the USA??  Need this product badly for my iphone 5 cords.

  • Fabian Lacey


  • darealshikoh A

    thank you very much

  • Pavel Sulja

    After cleaning, the phone worksgreat !
     if it does not work after cleaned up, then there is another problem on. thanks

  • betse essilfie


  • Scott E

    You never showed the phone was not charging or that it was charging after cleaned.

  • TH15N4M315UN4V41L4BL

    Vertical video ughhh! You lose all credibility instantly! I wonder if your TV is standing on its side

  • Robbin Breiland

    My cell phone wasn’t charging and I used a damp (not wet) toothbrush while phone was powered off to gently clean all the ports and the charger itself.  Works like a charm and saved me trip to Verizon to get it fixed!

  • Kiersten Gantz

    honestly this is probably a similar product to bulb grease, which keeps headlight contacts from getting moisture in them. IDK why this video is for the 30 pin cable. never in my life did i have an issue charging with that cable. this lightning cable shit has caused my 5s to fry at the charging port once every 6 months without fail. this is likely because i use it every day for music in my car. 
    Durability is becoming disgustingly pathetic for these products and this will be my last iphone.

  • DarkMasterSnake

    I had to ask the price could not see what it was so I looked it up. It’s “only” $62 or $59 on a discount website. You can just tell that’s a very good deal must be cheap to have a side ways video for promotion.

  • David Briggs

    Surely wd-40 does the same thing

  • Maya Devi Kadariya

    thanks u fixed my charger

  • Wardy

    thanks captain heindsight, this is not a fix this is prentative!

  • Sasan Zareei

    hahahah this is a joooke

  • Fancyliving

    i did the repair and it fixed the charging issues but now touch iD does not work. any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Sean Labath

    what a fucking rip-off, the cheap cocksucker use his phone and didn’t even turn it sideways to shoot his shity commercial. I gotta another thing you can use it’s called alcohol and a Q-tip does the same fucking thing for half the price he wants $69 for a can of that crap fuck you dude for making me watch two seconds of this commercial you’re a piece of shit and a faggot nice job selling aerosol alcohol! good job fuck face, fuck you! kill yourself! your products no good just kill yourself, you fucking suck blow your face off but use the aerosol can or better yet shove it up your ass but make sure it’s on full blast and clean out your fucking asshole now kill yourself!!!!

  • Ella D

    well i do everything you teach me but is still not working

  • Tony Becerra

    Ok, I used this concept but I used alcohol, Q-Tip, a sonic care tooth brush. Worked like a charm! My daughter had dropped my iPhone 6 plus, charger end of the phone, into some melted frozen yogurt. It was sticky and I had cleaned it that day with just a Q-tip and alcohol and it charged initially the first night. After a full day of use, it wouldn’t charge or even recognize the charger. Just make sure you turn off your phone, shake tooth brush off of excess alcohol before starting the cleaning process. When I was done, I plugged my phone in and the Apple Symbol came on! Good Luck!

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