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FIX ALL iPHONE ERRORS (FORGOT PASSCODE/IPHONE NOT TURNING ON/STUCK IN BOOT LOOP) – iOS 9 and below WORKS on iPhone 6S Plus and below as well as iPod Touch and iPad mini Air Pro iOS 10 and below

iPhone Not Turning On / Stuck in Boot Loop
FIX without any Data Loss :

Forgot Passcode :
Forgot passcode
iPhone is disbled
Not truning on
Keeps rebooting (Boot loop)

Shows you to use diffent charger and wire,hard reboot 10 and 20 seconds, turn on with volume up key (only if you’re jailbroken), DFU/Recovery mode with and without the useage of power button.
What to do if waterlock is enabled.

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  • Reman Sheglabo

    none of your methods worked on my phone :/

  • Kelly Stepler

    doesnt work

  • Rachael Carey

    Mine won’t turn on. I’ve tried all tips. I’ve even changed bettery. Still not working 🙁

  • SToRm VaPoR

    I have boot loop because I had IOS 11 early

  • vishal singh

    I have an iPhone 4s. It’s iCloud is locked. I have reset it when the iCloud is locked. Now the phone is not getting on. Whenever i am trying to on it, a apple logo is appearing for 5 seconds and then the phone gets off. Would you please help me to repair it.

  • ZemZem Adam

    What if u ok tho husband yh not bad boy

  • Vanadium Neon

    Thanks for the infomation.
    My iphone Isnt work when i hold the power and home button.
    so thanks for this video!

  • Already Dead

    If its flashing the apple logo every 5 seconds just try and turn it off and take it to Apple they’ll connect it to itunes and fix the problem. Took about 10 minutes to get my iphone working again and NOTHING got deleted. Everything is still on my iphone 6s

  • Michelle Anabelle

    thankyou its really work! i thought my phone are dead lol>

  • Satish Jaat Satish Jaat

    Not for opening

  • NinjaMatt6697

    Thanks it helped so much !!

  • Shannon Brown

    so shitty i was hoping one of these videos would say something but they pretty much covered it all and i tried it all and nothing works 🙁 just gotta restore it its so sad idk what im gonna have left on my phone are not prolly not much ughhg


    You’re so amazing! THANKS

  • vivek thurai

    I have a fix for IOS 11 data loss problem.

  • Makenna 1233

    OMG THANKS THIS WORKED my first phone that I thought broke works!!!

  • patrick slawson

    did not help

  • Kenzi Slater

    I spilled superglue in my power button

  • Jai Sinha

    My iphone pin code is not accepting

  • Special Lovelace

    My iPhone 5s keeps turning on and turning off continuously.. it’ll turn on and I can get on it for like 1 minute and then it’ll turn back off. And then it will turn back on. Someone please help?

  • Fade Savge


  • Muhammad Zafhir

    thank you! you save my life!

  • kashif kmk


  • T0oKEN xd

    not all… i have iphone se and if i want start iphone i cant but if i connect into power it shows 3 red lines then apple logo and this again and again! please help me

  • MagiX

    ur english is trash.

  • Brian Oblivious

    This guy is a life saver !!!!! Highly Recommend this video

  • S R

    how do i fix if its only boot loop?

  • Vewi Rodensjö

    cant even force turn it off, its literally STUCK on this loop.

  • Pain Clinic Of India

    Really helpful, thanks 🙏 a lot for sharing

  • Dany escobedo

    OMG my phone was stuck on the apple logo for hours!!! but then it turned of and it won’t turn back on after two days and it still does not turn on guess i need a new phone?

  • Sheila Folan

    My phone will Not restore??

  • Avnish Yadav

    Please make this vedio in hindi

  • Reese Johnson

    It worked yay!

  • Angel Gonzalez

    How do I fix a reboot loop?

  • Sagar Sharma

    All options tried but none are working ….. my phone suddenly got switched off ………is getting a new iPhone should be within a year of purchasing or anytime whenever u have this type of problem ?

  • Nate Nate

    I got an ip5s at first it was stuck in apple logo but now it shows the logo and after a second it goes away and shows a blank screen and would turn off.

  • Mr Post Man

    Heres my situation with my iphone 7, i have numerous problems with my phone.

    1. Every time i restart my phone, it just gets stuck in a boot loop and i have to keep turning my phone off and on until it boots up.

    2. Every time i answer a phone call or try to call someone, my phone freezes. Everytime i try to facetime someone, its just a black screen and it gets stuck on “reconnecting”. Or if it works, they cant hear me but i can hear them and sometimes the person im facetiming sounds like a robot.

    3. Everytime i try to take a picture, my camera gets stuck, Everytime i try to record, my phone freezes and it stops recording instantly.

    Like i dont know what the hell happned, my phone used to work perfectly fine!

  • AwesomeChanelDIYGirl Hi

    Thx so much i think my phone is fixed

  • suitelifewithjeramienaya

    ive gotten a handme down phone from my dad but he kept it in perfect shape. we began having problems when it had trouble charging. it said it wasn’t a supported accessory, but it still charged. I made the mistake of letting the phone die, and it showed to be charging for a couple hours, but when I came back it wouldn’t turn on or anything. ive tried rebooting and using different chargers.

  • Maria_loves_pink

    mine did not work please help me!! Mine is not turning on.

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