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Flexible Displays , Best Mid Range Android Phone , Galaxy S4 Problems, Battery Charging Tips

Flexible Displays , Best Mid Range Android Phone , Galaxy S4 Problems, Battery Charging Tips

Android Q&A – Join Jayce as he discusses fleixble displays, what is the best mid range android phone and tips on how to properly charge your Android phone!

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  • Tarazan mohamed

    what about lg lg optimus g is it a good phone now 

  • Tarja Annelise

    I think you are doing perfectly okay with the Q&A segments! plus, They are funny, unlike most generic tech q&a vids here in YT!  The Android Authority guys are awesome 😀   —btw, please talk about the Android Wacom companion Hybrid tablet! I’ve asked this a million times! There almost aren’t reviews about that product!  I’d love to see you guys do one!

  • Naje Safford

    I like him

  • L M

    Do you think there will be a new nexus tablet? And if so what do you expect from it?
    Thank you very much.

  • Noah Dessauer

    Batterys need conditioning frist even lithium

  • GnarWarIs

    Hi Jayce, I have an HTC One Google Edition , should I trade it for the Nexus 5? I really like Nexus devices and I’m torn , please help! 
     – Thanks, Connor

  • 35823582

    Flex tec is in its bull shit stages right now, it should be perfected, and useful in about 2 more generations of phones.

  • GL HF

    He dropped it couldn’t believe my eyes.

  • TheRiz52

    I really like the Q&A section.

  • Christofer Quinn

    Um put some music in your video it would be nice

  • Nick Myrant

    It isn’t flexible!! It’s curved!!

  • jonathan X

    I think that if you break the screen of the g flex then it’s broken but the back of the phone will heal itself. Keep doing this show man it’s super awesome.

  • Alessandro Sartarelli

    Are there any problems with the galaxy s4 batery? Because mine seems to be getting biger and stretching the plastic back of the phone. Thanks

  • Moey Issa

    Nice review u man

  • InnateSleuth75

    OMG its so funny

  • Christian Reyes

    I recently bought a smart cover for y nexus 7 2013 and since then I have noticed that sometimes my tablet turns the display off when it is not supposed to for i.e when I watch a movie. Also in two ocassions the tablet has crashed while I was gaming and hearing music, this never happened before , could it be related to the magnets in the smart cover or is it normal? Do you know of any other issues the nexus 7 2013 might have?? Thanks

  • Harry Bowen

    Any news of an Asus made Nexus 10?

  • manuel arguelles

    do you think that galaxy s5 will be much better than iphone 5s ?

  • Ahmed Mejri

    The LG G flex screen isnt self healing the back cover is.

  • Void

    Asking a question here:
    Will there be an Android Tablet with AMOLED display in the future, and what are some advantages or disadvantages compared to the LCD displays that are out right now?

  • mohit tailor

    i like this guy xD

  • omar habash

    I’m planning of buying the sony xperia acro s .. I know it’s kinda old now but is it a good phone ??

    Thanks for your time / Omar

  • Clark Cant

    Not discharging the battery fully makes sense, but how come you should avoid fully CHARGING the battery? Can you maybe clarify that, please?

  • Dan RC

    This guy definitely grows on you, he certainly makes the reviews a bit more interesting and entertaining!

  • Purav Arora

    I wanna ask that which is the best phone in the market….money is not the problem. I have seen htc one, iphone 5s, note3, xperia z1 and many more but i am confused about all these…pls tell the answer

  • Jeffrey Silcock

    i hope that was planned

  • Michael Bradley

    I have to say, though somewhat entertaining, I need my Hindy fix.  Guys, we tried.  We really, really did.  But we need the Hindy.  We must have the Hindy.  Not just once a week.  Not just twice a week.  We need a Hindy Threesome.  Every week.  Authority gods here my pleas… bring back the Hindy Threesome!

  • Shubham Chawla

    Sony recently updated Xperia L to 4.2.2 but the rumors before mentioned that Xperia L will be updated to 4.3 in Q4 2013 . Will Sony seed 4.3 for Xperia L ? 
    Thanks for your time .

  • Hunter-W7NUK

    Lipo battery’s have a limited charge cycle like 500 full charges and discharges before performance starts to suffer and so small charges like from 80 to 100 make only 1/5 of a charge cycle and will make the battery last longer. But if the battery is easily user replaceable then who cares? Drain that battery all you want and just buy a new one when it wears out.

  • Nikhil Prim

    When is the 4.4 kitkat update coming for the xperia z?
    They haven’t even updated to 4.3 jelly bean yet!
    What is sony waiting for

  • Sam

    What is the best midrange tablets

  • Streete Wize

    Thanks for the battery tips, really needed sum facts put in lay man terms with experience and usage data to determine the best battery care for smart phones.

  • Akhil Rajesh

    Hi andriod authority im using Samsung galaxy note 2,and today is 13 wen will the 4.3 update will reach india.

  • Obaidur Rahman

    Hello I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and would like to know when do you think android kitkat would be coming to this device. Thankyou.

  • Marko The Gamer

    Witch is better Note 3 or SIV

  • abductedblazer

    S4 sucks

  • Anil Kaushal

    Hi Jayce
    I have purchased Mighty Samasung S4 but after using for two weeks, its inner oled screen just broke while phone was just lying on table staring ceiling. I Looked up in GooGLe and find many cases same.
    is it really a design flaw or Oled’s durability has been degraded by samsung. It was considered physical damage at service so i had to pay 50% of Phone price again to use it and still I am scared to use it.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  • T CR

    Nice video! And very educative about battery ! I never thought i can do that to prolongue battery life :d btw, i like you’re pauses, u really make give me a crack =]]

  • Chandan Sondhi

    I think that the Xperia SP is the best mid range device.

  • Muhammad Akasha Hamdan

    Thanks I found the video of the battery. I’m using Moto G currently. Is the nexus 5 worth the upgrade? Stock android is good. Secondly which android phone would you recommend for my dad. He uses a iPhone 4s and he really wants an easy phone. He doesn’t want complicated UI. He’s not the type to explore the phone.

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