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How to fix black and unresponsive iPhone screen: 5S

How to fix black and unresponsive iPhone screen: 5S

I dropped my iPhone 5s and the screen went black and unresponsive. This is a simple fix that should save you money & time from taking it to a repair shop.

If you need a Screwdriver kit:


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  • Jr Fluffy

    OH MY GOD i need help too. I was eating ice and had my phone in hand and the ice cup tucked into the couch. I fell asleep eating around 90% of ice. Wake up. Just the top part of IPhone is wet. Not even enough to go up to the speaker. It’s wet, it kept turning on and off and on and off. Shows Red and Blue lines, I go to reset. Shows apple symbol, then all of a sudden it turns black again and it refuses to charge, turn on, or even reset and my computer doesn’t even notice the USB. Anyone know a fix for it? Or any recommendation’s for what I should do?

    I understand it’s been a while but can someone help?

  • Joslynn Barrera

    Well my old iPhone 5s fell and when I picked it up and it came out glitchikg would it help

  • Big Soup

    iPhone 5c There s a little lift where my screen can pop out and a little silver screw that fell out and there’s a little peace of bent metal where it looked like it fell out and my phone is totally unresponsive absolutely nothing need help please

  • shaurya patel
  • Cameron Harper

    if your display cable is disconnected will you hear a rattling noise in the back of the phone?


    diss dumb ass didnt show us how to put it back together



  • Rallo Ross

    Mine’s not working

  • Nur suhadah

    my phone was not droped but it suddenly blank .. i connect the charger it make sound and still on but the screen is still blank. the power button was not working. so how i can fix it ? please help me guys.. sorry for bad english.

  • Gangster Rabbit

    My phone screen went black but when I hold the home and power buttons it turns on and goes off again

  • Nahuel Zarate

    that is not the LCD flex, that is for volume buttons.

  • ElectroByte FTW

    your phone fell apart and it gets hot when u charge it what do I do!? And btw I don’t have a 5

  • Sajjad Shah


    I need a help to get my Lenovo vibeshot back in operating state as I already had done factory reset but I m stuck in Google account section and I tried and followed some of the YouTube videos but nothing worked, need assistance

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