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How to fix iPhone 5s Charging Port in 5 minutes

How to fix iPhone 5s Charging Port in 5 minutes

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This video will show you everything you need to know about replacing the Charging port on your iPhone 5s. Whether your Charge port has stopped working, or the mic is broken, or the headphone jack, or even the loudspeaker… All of those components are attached to the same little ribbon cable. It is a pretty simple and straight forward repair. The hardest part will be taking off your screen, and putting it back on without breaking it.

Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments below!

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  • Honesty Unique

    4 out 7 of my screws won’t budge What do I do?

  • Roger Gundermann

    You are a Star Jerry, thanks very much. My biggest problem was reconnecting the ribbon cable connector’s, probally my fingers are a little too big and that I was overcareful and scared to damage the connector if not properly aligned …. fyi, the new OEM charging port connector was supplied with colored plastic foil on several places which needs peeling away to expose the pre fixed glue on the new unit. Thanks again Jerry

  • Jacob Dibble

    i owe you a thank you! My port was just not grabbing the cable anymore, I guess too many plugs and unplugs and even when the cable was shoved all the way in there, it would randomly stop charging. After reading some of these other comments, maybe I had a bunch of dust in there idk. HOWEVER, i got the replacement piece and followed your instructions and it works great. Thanks very much!

  • Chris Hallman

    At 1:15, on the piece he calls the “wire cable”, the wire snapped out of the head on mine. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Gypsy Blues

    I attempted to change my charging port, but could not get the home button to work or the port to charge. I had to put the original back in. Is there something I did wrong? I suspect the original port is ruining my cables, because I’ve already gone through two perfectly legitimate Apple cables with no ostensible damage. Has this happened to anyone else? Yes, I’ve tried cleaning the port of lint several times. New cables don’t seem to have a problem, but I don’t want to have to keep replacing them after only a few months. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • AMVanimexD

    Can you use a iphone 5 charging port on a iphone 5s ?

  • Dubziee

    He did a great job on the step-by-step instructions, except for one part. First, he unconnected the display before unhooking the battery, which is a huge NO NO!!! After you get into the phone from the screen, you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS unhook the battery before taking anything apart. If you refuse to do so, it could short out the display, motherbaord, or connectors!!!! I have seen this many many many times with people just taking things apart and disconnecting parts from the connectors without unhooking the battery first! Other than that one little mistake, he did a great job on step-by-step!

  • happypoop3636

    “unconnect”,…. disconnect

  • cuma bedhi

    Thank you so much JerryRigEverything


    I kept my iphn 5s charging for few hours. Later on I found it switch off. After almost 24 hours it came back to life but only for few seconds showing low battery signal and I tried charging but it was neither getting charged nor showing any signal. Same thing happened after about 12 hours and I tried charging but to no avail. Now my phone is completely dead for last 2 months. What could be the reason prize share?

  • face of just ice

    ummm ill pass

  • DDB

    Thanks P Gorman !! Just did the flashlight and needle trick and tadaaaaaa….all good !!

  • Wesam Shaya

    Thanks for this video
    my Questions is
    can i use iPhone 5 Charging Port on the my mobile ( iPhone 5s ) ?

  • Justin Crasi

    This repair worked for me, but definitely was not easy. Took me 3 hours and some extra ingenuity.

  • Josh Rice

    Check out this facebook group for tips and videos on how to fix your iphone

  • Wee Movies

    another great video – really helped – thanks again

  • ironhammerphilosophy

    You really don’t capture in this video at all how brutally hard it is to handle the screws. Everything is pretty staightforward but you’re missing the most important part.

  • Doug Enriquez

    I finished! working now, but now Touch ID won’t work

  • pearlmax

    Fuck Apple.

  • MafiaGaming

    Followed the process, all was fine until I tried to turn it on and it won’t turn on. I plug in the charger and it tries to start up with the apple logo, 5 seconds later it will go black and try turning on again but won’t fully load. Any answers?

  • galacliva

    one of the screws holding in the charging port is striped. what do i do?

  • Ali Hussein

    Hello Jerry how are you doing i know how to fix phones i want to start a business fixing phones i know to replace broken screen, mouth piece and earpiece but when it comes to motherboard faulties its hard for me how to use the multimeter and test the currents and to know where its faults and i want you send me the mother board functions of phones plz

  • Keniya Hutson

    So he just basically wants you to take apart your phone 🤔

  • retracube

    I just did this, took me 3 hours due to a stripped screw but I got there eventually. Plugged it in – starts charging. So happy!

    …until then I realised I fucked the microphone in the process and now I can’t ring anyone. Now I’ve got to do it all over again ffs.

  • Tom Cao

    ʞɔnℲ˙˙ ¡pǝʞɹoʍ ʇᴉ sʞuɐɥ┴

  • Funnyonixt

    Thank man!

  • Funnyonixt

    Dude you never said it had those tiny little star-like nails to have to opne it.

  • Marsha McGuire

    Thank you this was so helpful! Now my phone can actually charge. However, I have a major problem. So, my iPhone was at 1% before I turned off to do the thing, and it took around a week to get all of the things I needed, so the phone must have died while it was off. After I fixed it, plugged it in, all was fine, but now I have the white apple screen of death. I’m wondering if I did something wrong, or didn’t plug something in right. Is there anything I could have done that wouldn’t allow it to turn on? Or was it just a coincidence? Please help, I would appreciate it so much! Thanks!

  • Professional Bedroom Guitarist

    Before you do this, everyone. Buy some electrical contact cleaner and a toothbrush and try to clean the port out first. I thought I was going to have to do this but this in fact fixed my problem.

  • israel gallegos

    great tutorial, thanks men!!!

  • karan ranjith

    Superb thanks lot😋😍

  • ray kreger

    What’s the easiest way to fix the port on a iPhone 7 without opening the phone

  • Melbourne Shorts

    Thanks man! You saved me a $1000.

  • Sean Curran

    the screw that holds the speaker and the charging port down is stripped?? please help


    mere pass Videocon z55 krapton h….uska charjing soket kam Nai kr RHA h….kya kru…..kmpni socket bhi kam Nai kiya

  • Molley Ann Frederick

    lol “five minutes”

  • rio

    way too fast asshole


    My phone battery low after off 6 months off my set &
    Today change iphone 5 charging port replaced but not On & charging {watch after change port your video }
    Solution …???…..solve ….problem….

  • QuietInTheForests

    i did this and it works all good and it charges again but touch ID doesn’t work anymore?? i got a message saying that its unable to activate on this iphone now
    is there any fix to this?

  • Dean McCormick

    ‘Relatively’ simple… ha ha! ;).

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