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How to fix Iphone charging port

How to fix Iphone charging port

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this is a quick tutorial on how to fix and clean your iPhone or iPod touch charging port.


  • Richie

    Does this actually work? I don’t want to damage my phone.

  • Fraser turnbull

    It worked cheers man

  • Th Lim

    HEYYYY it works! Thanks 😀

  • Brook Hubbs

    Holy shit! Worked on my iPhone 6!! I had two iPhone 5’s that suffered the same fate, I broke the first one trying to rubber band the damn cable to the right side of the phone when charging. If only I’d known before. The port is still sensitive on the 6 but it connects right away and I don’t have to apply pressure. Thanks so much!!!

  • Erika Vega

    Thank u so much same thing happened to my phone

  • pwollerman

    Rudy – I owe you one. I lost my phone when I was in a hurry at Xmas this year, searched the car and gave up slammed the hatchback and found it sticking up laterally in the gap between the top of the hatch and the roof.

    Nasty bend but it wasn’t shattered, it charged Ok but a month ago stopped except when wiggled and taped it in place.

    I figured I’d fucked it after trying to clean the port with clean bamboo satay sticks etc. Was going to dismantle and straighten it and looked for a video about the charging port. yours was the shortest, I got the old toothbrush, wet it and scrubbed it – I even made the weird noise – gave it a minute’s scrub and BINGO. Couldn’t be happier, Cheers mate : )

  • Big Boss

    It actually works! I thought it was a troll…Thanks man, you saved me a couple of bucks.

  • Megan Raison

    Thanks man, was gonna get a new phone also, what a money saver!!!

  • BMGios Gaming


  • Brendan Preston

    As stupid as your video looked, because of you I saved 120 dollars, I took it to apple they said that the charger was faulty and needed repair that was not covered but my warranty, I was super pissed so I looked up your video that was shown to me buy my friends that worked in a different apple and the charger port magically worked after I did your tutorial!!! Thank you so, so, so much man

  • Chris and Ev Creative

    are the stupid noises necessary?!

  • Plasma Gamer

    thanks bro this worked o i also ejaculated in the charging port does this work to

  • Gustavo Ramirez

    Thank you so much, this save me a lot of money.

  • Zeus Flores

    my mum thought I was watching porn when you flicked the toothbrush, Y DID U GROAN

  • Jamar Johnson

    When he said mhm mhm mhm it sounded like he was having sex

  • Adrian Luna

    It fucking works, all because i do the noise! trust me..

  • Jay Kune


  • themoneyman54321

    I tried this and it actually worked

  • Vipul Alwe

    It actually fuckin worked

  • Amjad

    It’s works thank u

  • Dylan Wood

    Yup, this worked! Thank you very much!

  • Wizard Pennyboards

    Bless your life thank you so much

  • Muhammad Attia Nasr

    Thanks Bro it is working as well with Galaxy Note 5

  • Jesspingu


  • Leen

    Holy shit I’ve been through 3 chargers, broke one this morning through rage, did this and it started charging instantly, fuck sake lol. Thanks alot.

  • thtbest5k4t3

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU holy crap dude thank you

  • chris27937

    thanks so much

  • Sean Stephens

    Thanks man it worked. I did the noise with you

  • Savage Life

    My mom saw this and i fastly turned it to porn because it was easyer to explain

  • [MG] CrazyGirl

    Ohhhhh my god it worked i had to clean for a longer time to make it work …thnx man

  • Eddy Canfor-Dumas

    One hour on Apple Support resulted in making an appointment to take it in to an Apple Store next week. Two minutes on YouTube, your video and it’s fixed. There’s a moral in there somewhere. THANK YOU!!

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