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How to Fix iPhone not Charging

How to Fix iPhone not Charging

My iPhone is not charging. Quick and easy way to fix your iPhone 5, 6 and 7 series that has a problem with not charging when plugged in. My phone started having charging problems the last couple weeks. Sometimes it would charge and then stop. If I jiggled the cord, it would help. I thought my charging port was loose or on it’s way to die.

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Here is the link to the article describing how to take your iPhone apart to replace the charging port:


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  • 黑奴 / I _see_jesus

    you guys are the shit

  • Thomas Anderson

    Wood is not electrically conductive as long as it isn’t wet. So there should be no need to turn the phone off.

  • A PLL

    Hey I have an iPhone 5s and my friend had it for a year, and last night I put it on charge at 20% and it charged up to 34% and usually I’ll check if I have notifications and it went down to 32% and I started to worry a bit so I continued to sleep it is how 7:22 where I live and I woke up about 3 minutes ago and I saw it was charging at 22% so I realised I have a charging problem.

  • achos Barcelona

    IT WORKED! Hahahaha feel stupid now.

  • Mike Hernandez

    I took the lint out and it still didn’t work

  • Md Sayem

    my phone won’t charge because of water damage

  • Three Fagiteers

    I use my I phone for phone calls but you do you

  • Nakul Sharma

    My iPhone is charging very slowly but not showing the charging symbol what should I do?

  • Godz Playz

    I hit the side of my charger port when I was trying to fix it now the charger won’t even go in

  • Glenn Bonter

    Bro thank you so much the first tip helped me

  • Static_596

    I did this but it still didn’t charge

  • Stan Herder

    Thanks, it actually worked!

  • Whats The Status


  • Aji's Gaming

    Thank you its working

  • Billy159100

    Today it’s not working my phone battery is 6

  • Kunwar Curry

    2:27 “Lightly, blow that hole out” 😂😂😂 I cracked up

  • Gabe! Sans


  • J040PL7

    mine had the dust thing, removed enough dust to build a rabbit.

  • Joel Chircop

    I removed the lint and it charged great for a few days but now about 2 days later it’s back the same and i just cant get it to charge

  • clearly Vivian

    Who only clicked on this vid cause the thumbnail is high quality

  • Eric william

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  • Лика Белоусова

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