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How To: Fix “No Service” and “Searching…” on iPhone 3GS 6.0/6.0.1 & 6.15.00 BB STEP BY STEP

How To: Fix “No Service” and “Searching…” on iPhone 3GS 6.0/6.0.1 & 6.15.00 BB STEP BY STEP

This video will teach you how to fix the “No Service” and “Searching…” error which occurs when you update your iPhone 3GS to 6.0 with the 6.15.00 (iPad baseband).

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  • Olga Winterbottom

    oh update – let me do the whole DFU button press jazz – then said to me ‘assertion failure’ …….. before telling me it had to exit

  • Khaled Lamar

    Help me my 5s like that

  • Samiul Hossain Fahim

    Really helpful tutorial .. But I also had to face a lot of failure attempts during the process ,and at last I did it.. 😀 thanks.. 😀

  • Cromagnon Eightyseven

    I dont have the manage button nor the downgrade for 05. —- what do I do?

  • Yiselys ramirez

    Would this work for iPhone 6 plus

  • Hammad Khiljee

    my iphone 5 gevey is showing no service

  • Shahroze Anwar

    Thanks Alot Buddy! IT Helped

  • Phkay Proek

    Work with iphone 6 plus or not

  • iiWolfie

    can i do this with an iphone 4? well ima try

  • Dominic Nathaniel

    Hi can you please help out? I have an iPhone6 run iOS 9.3.1 but it’s show Sos only even I’ve tried to removed the sim and put it back on. Or even I’ve tried different SIM card but it’s still showing Sos only . Please help

  • Iliya Donev

    When I open redsn0w I get the missing library error…

  • Zaryyab Tahir

    thnx it was helpful 🙂

  • Brix Magbanua

    Thank you dude!

  • The Tech Rebel

    It says Exploit Failed

  • Gaming with Pranaya

    thnx bro for your help really appreciate it it woks well now

  • Ahmad Kamarani

    allah yjawzak

  • kELLY Vantard

    dear friend your video was really really helpful lots of thanks again

  • Valentin Toshev

    Thank you 🙂

  • Teemo6544


  • reasly adinda

    I identified iPhone JB source that aid our troubles.
    Trusted JB plan already that I spotted..

  • Simant Shrestha

    I am not able to install ipad baseband what to do ??

  • Gregory Kearney Lawson

    After about 2 years with my Iphone 4s without any basement (NO service search mode), it automatically started picking up a signal and is now working fine. I tried several things before but nothing worked. I’m now using my iphone 4s again. YAY

  • Mehtab Proshanta

    the redsnow says the ipsw is not supported to this version of redsnow…… am using windows 10 what should i do now please help

  • mohamed mlaouhia

    thanks man………………………..

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    where can i download the red snow

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