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How to fix optimising app issue in any android phone.

How to fix optimising app issue in any android phone.

Guys this is my tutorial video on How to fix boot screen stuck at optimising app issue on any android phone.
If this FIX didn’t work for you then try flashing your Android phone for which watch this video of mine:-

Guys the idea behind removing the battery is to turn off your phone and boot it up again so that we can press the keys together and get into the bootloader or recovery mode. Now If your phone has an inbuilt battery then don’t worry just try to power off
your phone in any way and if you can’t then let it be as it is and let the battery drain out completely after which plug in your phone and do the procedure mentioned in the video.

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NOTE: -Guys this is the fix for optimizing app issue on any android phone.Now as far as what I know about this issue, this issue is caused due to many reasons such as a corrupt file in your boot sector, Due to some update patch from the manufacturer, Due to some bug in the running version of the system software or maybe your phone got brick. And whenever this issue occurs your phone just goes into a boot loop and optimizing app message is displayed which never really completes or starts your phone. Now what I am going to show you is how to recover your phone from this state and bring it back to normal via a factory reset from outside your phone’s system since you wouldn’t have any access to your system while this issue happens. Guys, now I can assure you that your phone will be recovered from the boot loop but I can’t promise you that this won’t happen again since the exact reason why this happens is undetected.Now this FIX is only for this particular issue not for any other Android related issues. So don’t blame me or call me a cheater even if this didn’t work for you sometimes it may not because your phone’s internal architecture may be different and it is possible that the fix may be different for your phone.I am just sharing the fix that I used on my friend’s phone and his phone is working smoothly ever since.

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  • Prime Travels

    Hi can you help me to fix my Asus Go Lte 5.0 ? It’s starting to andriod is starting but it is going turn off and I will not open it again

  • DotRIX

    my phone optimizes then after optimizing instead of it being stuck on the starting apps screen it justs restart the phone and optimizes apps again can u help???

  • Sunil Tech taj

    Thanks my phone is now working condition without any cust pay
    Superb video

  • omphemetse padiri

    thanx bro your video helped me…. i was about to through away my phone

  • GD G

    I kept getting this error but it turned out I just needed to replace the battery (BQ M5). If your phone keeps suddenly switching off and you see this error about optimising apps when you restart, it’s likely to be the battery not the OS system.

  • Rect_ U

    if you formate and wipe everything wouldnt there be less apps to optimise ?
    anyways i have opened the boot screen thing and the only things that are there are
    Recovery [mode]
    Fastboot [mode]
    Boot [Boot]
    the only one that works is boot which just relauches the phone the other ones dont work šŸ™

  • Sophiacupcakeization

    So, today my phone said i only had 2 percent and that it was going to shut down in 30 seconds.But, the strange thing is I charged my phone to 100% this morning. When, I got home i started charging it and it showed “Optomising system” and when it gets to 100% it starts charging. But when i unplug the charger it says optomising device again. So, i don’t know what to do

  • Zeba Parvreen

    Thank you sir

  • Jessi Vanity

    What do I do if I can’t Factory Reset it? I pressed the buttons like in the video and it just keeps rebooting + optimizing apps.

  • Gabby DaRock

    how its realy work
    thanks a lot im sow happy

  • Sumanta mondal

    problem to solve nehi hua kya karu help me sir

  • Ram Naredla

    this solution worked for my yu yureka AO5510. But if I reboot my phone the same problem is repeating again, please suggest me.

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