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How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

Get your tools from Amazon HERE:
Here is the inexpensive replacement charging port:
Here is the speaker for the iPhone:

Let me know if those links stop working!

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GREAT comment from Mattrules77:
Great video man just saved me ¬£230 that apple wanted to replace my phone. I was worried at first because although my phone now seemed to charge it didn’t turn on, however after 20 minutes it booted up( was dead for 5 days). If anyone has a problem with the microphone (this may be obvious but something I noticed) with the part I ordered the little rubber cover wasn’t on and so I had to take it off the old part otherwise it doesn’t slot in correctly and probably doesn’t function.

If your charging port goes out on your iPhone 5 it is a pretty easy fix. Replacing your charging port will some times even fix your phone after it has been water damaged. Remember to go slow and be very careful. This is a 500 dollar device. If you have applecare or are still under warranty you should probably try those options first.

This video shows how to replace the Charging port, the Head Phone jack, and the Mic for the iPhone five. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments,. LIKE this video if it helped you! And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  • Matthew Tan

    My screwdriver doesn’t work for the 2 littlest screws out of the 7 screws…

  • Wesam Shaya

    Thanks for this video
    my Questions is
    can i use iPhone 5 Charging Port on the my mobile ( iPhone 5s ) ?

  • RunGrantRun

    Thank you so much Jerry! You not only saved me a lot of money but you made me feel like an electronics badass!

  • Simon Millard

    My parts and tool kit arrived this morning, so will try a fix my phone this evening.

  • Alexander Deshpit

    USE THIS VIDEO! This is the best tutorial – you don’t have to disconnect the screen or remove the motherboard (something that all other guides like ifixit require you to do). This is my second swap and the last time it took me 2 hours to complete. With this tutorial – only 30 minutes.
    PS: depending on the replacement module you purchase, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the flex cable that connects to the headphones jack – my replacement didn’t have it so I had to put it from the old module. The previous module I replaced didn’t have the rubber “muffler” for the microphone, so I had to spend quite some time to put the old one back.
    Another trick is to connect the Lighting cable to the phone once you put the new port in – helps secure it in the right place, then tighten the screws. Of course, the cable has to be unpowered.
    JerryRigEverything, thank you so much!

  • John Plant

    I wouldn’t suggest using a craft knife as in the video.


    iPhone problems after 2 years

  • cminusrocks

    Thanks for this video! Great tutorial. Two items of caution for others attempting this repair.
    1. As mentioned by another comment, you need to swap the rubber cover for the microphone off the port you’re replacing. The new one doesn’t have this. You’ll note that the replacement part has an exposed brass piece just to the left of the port itself. This is black on your original, because it is covered with a rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve has notches that line up with the phone casing.
    2. Be extremely gentle removing the battery. I thought I was being very careful, but I ended up ripping the ribbon that connects my volume buttons, so now my port is fixed and battery is replaced, but my volume buttons no longer work.
    I hope this helps others!

  • Captaintoast12321

    I come to this video every year or so to replace my charging port. I like my iphone but the lighting port is fucking awful. Micro usb all the way,

  • Anji Manu

    my i phone 5 is disabled how to solve the problem please tell me
    im connected i tunes but not restored
    how to solve this problem in my i phone lot of data i have data dont erase

  • Planet Costa Rica

    Hey, it worked! Thanks for the vid.

  • Mohammad Reyad

    thanks a lot


    My phone battery low after off 6 months off my set &
    Today change iphone 5 charging port replaced but not On & charging {watch after change port your video }
    Solution …???…..solve ….problem….

  • Ryan Lin


  • eduardo ortiz

    So i tried to clean the charge port and it still did not work. I am pretty savy with iphone repairs but I hadn’t done an iphone 5 charge port in ages so i used this video to refresh and luckily i had my old iphone 5 as a donor phone and was able to fix my moms iphone within 10 minutes. I accidentally got a splash of water the night before at the jacuzzi so im to blame ): but im also to thank heheh
    Thanks jerry!

  • Coriander Eliavette

    My wife’s iPhone 5c fell 5 stories down an elevator shaft and suffered a cracked screen and the case was slightly dislodged. I had an extra phone and swapped screens and a couple buttons that got scuffed. Now my 5 is intermittent on charging and most cords I have won’t work so I figured the charging port is worn out. Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

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