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How To: Repair iPhone 4 Screen

How To: Repair iPhone 4 Screen

Have a cracked screen heres how to repair your iPhone 4 Screen

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  • T.E Mohamed

    put the shitty phone on the shitty disk

  • Ahmed yahhoo


  • DCXRevolution

    Stupid Music and terribls video ediing.

  • Kid Perfect

    Thanks for the video. But cut the music it is distracting and makes this 24 minute video unbearable. 

  • Ocala iPhone Repair

    Thanks Adrian.

  • adriano Win

    you are an animal fucking the camera below that you want to display

  • Arman

    I did this yesterday and now my phone only powers on but there nothing on the screen FML

  • jnbff10

    Music takes a way from the video

  • chocolate lover

    how can i open a sim card slot without a paper clip or a safety pin or a special tool?!?!?!

  • alex caris

    choclate lover you can open a sim card slot by using a staple or a thumbtak

  • Hil Thornley

    whats with the music

  • Hoykong Salongdang

    where can I find repair school in Los Angeles?


  • Misty Lee

    horrible video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put the words across the top so they don’t block the important parts

  • Song Liang

    how you get 5 icon folders per row on your screen? isnt the max 4 only?

  • Enxhi Metani

    this video is bed

  • Raymond Govan

    hiy mom

  • Joseph Vore

    Personal help with iPhone repairs!

  • Joseph Vore

    Personal help with iPhone repairs!

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