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How to solve the problems of Bluetooth connection on Android

How to solve the problems of Bluetooth connection on Android

The Bluetooth connection has become very popular for its convenience and simplicity. The Bluetooth module is installed on all modern mobile devices, and there are many programs for it. However, we can have problems while trying to connect via Bluetooth. In this video, you can find out how to solve the problems of Bluetooth connection on Android.

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  • skkanwar

    why you have to add this music to your video .

  • Sanjeev Kanwar

    I think, instead of loud music , if he explains that would be more helpful. Loud music is a big distraction and annoying.

  • GamingReinvented

    This video smells of cancer and lies.

  • j dd

    this is crap!

  • Lee Yung Su

    how to root my samsung galaxy tab 3 my Bluetooth doesn’t work

  • Iconia мσтıσп ɢяαρнıcƨ member of BlendAir

    bruh my problem is i click on that litttle thing and its loeading then after that it turn off

  • santosh Sahani *****

    sir mera phone ka blutooh disconnet autometic ho jata h kya karoo

  • Torus Pasborg

    very helpful. thanks!

  • Cruv - MC And more

    why man that shitty music sounds like your mom singing. is it only me?

  • Faz laeeq

    it is saying”sorry the application can not found Bluetooth file in your phone” please help

  • CurtGamesHD

    thats game

  • CurtGamesHD

    thats fake

  • Legendary Draconis

    doesnt work for my s2 bluetooth keyboard

  • Zuhair Khan Khan


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