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iPhone 5 screen problem How to Fix?

iPhone 5 screen problem How to Fix?

My iPhone is F***ed.
Has anybody had this happen to their iPhone 5?

The phone goes totally out of control on its own opening apps and flipping through pages even when I’m not touching it.
I will try to upload a better video later.
I have a appointment with apple tomorrow. Hopefully they replace it.

Thanks for watching.

Bit of a update. I took the phone in and it was replaced no questions asked!! Apple has always done this for me I’ve never had this experience with any other company.


  • fun trap


  • Wendell Delfin

    Just replace the lcd screen digitizer

  • Gülhan Ceylan

    iphone 4 Lunapartan düştü ekran bembeyaz ve kırık kaca yapılır veya yapilirmi

  • Xp Raw

    the connection from the LCD has starting to come loose. if confident enough to open up the phone then all is needed is to disconnect then reconnect. works most of the time. if this does not work after several tries then either your connection is damaged or there is pressure on the lcd somewhere.

  • Zyxety

    need new digitizer

  • Sombre kat

    My sisters phone has verticle lines and it wont work at all. Any tips? 😰

  • Tatum Unit

    Mine is doing that rn

  • Jeseel Silva


  • Tuana Coşkunkan

    Omg same problem but my phone haven’t charge so I dont’t know what to do 🙁 (my english is not so good sorry ._.)

  • Courtly Lovan

    Same thing happened to mine except mine is cracked on the top right side andand I can only tap things on the right side. Also when I’m texting or on snapchat it goes directly to chat then automatically starts typing random shit…. It only has 1 line through it tho and its glitching… Just happened yesterday. PLEASE HELP

  • Angel Jacobo

    DUDE OMG I HAVE A SIMILAR PROBLEM! BUT it’s on an iPhone 6s my screen would freeze and would fade away in an orange color just like yours but I would be able to fix I’d just have to restart it by holding the power button and home button it would work after that this would happen every time I used snapchat filters for some reason then it happened one day and I restarted it but it went into an infinite reboot loop but what sacred me was the apple logo was flickering and you would be able to see it on the background like a shadow or something like and now ever since that I can’t turn it on anymore I haven’t gone to an apple store but I had it check by some one and said it’s not the screen or battery it’s probably a software problem but it would really be helpful if you can help me

  • TYG Vlogger

    It’s happened the same with my iPad Mini

  • Nordern Rhodoks

    This only happens with my iPhone 4 when I used it maybe 10 minutes after? Who knows the solution? Please help!

  • Vice _xSum

    Could someone help me!? My iPhone 5s is making those white lines every time I turn it on and use it. I recently got it for my birthday and my parents can’t afford another one and they would be pretty pissed to find out it’s doing this. I haven’t ever dropped it or wet it. If someone has a good solution to fix it rather than taking it apart please tell me I would really appreciate it!

  • Zsolt Nem mondom meg

    You must open your phone, disconnect all the cables, clean with isopropyl alcohol, reconnect them, and start. You can try a screen replacement with the original screen 🙂
    If you don’t want it, just give it to a technician

  • KFGaming MCGT

    MY iphone 5 is double screened lol how do i fix this

  • Michael Teasco

    something similar happened to my phone, but the lines are darker and my phone is still responsive, getting a new phone tho

  • Rèfi Péter

    Same with iPhone 4

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