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iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair – What should you do if you drop it in liquid..

iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair – What should you do if you drop it in liquid..

Repair firm gives a brief overview of what you should do if you happen to drop your precious iPhone 5 in liquid. Attempt at your own risk! Follow our steps for a possible recovery. If you happen to drop your phone and need some help, feel free to contact us, we’re here to help. Visit our website for details or call us at 888-494-4349


  • chrissy

    My screen looks like there is liquid inside of the screen but it isn’t moving please help

  • Miss Unfortunate

    i dropped mine in a cup of water accidentally. Fml.

  • ishita

    is there anyways to fix a iphone got water damaged which happened1year ago i only used it for 3day pls reply urgent

  • Duh_itss _lexii

    I dropped my iPhone 5s in the water today and what I did was quickly picked it up and dried it off as quickly as I could, it was fine but the volume wasn’t working so I put it in rice for 2 hours and now my volume is working, hope this helps some of you!!

  • stella ledezma

    This is too much work

  • Adam sharrad

    I dropped My iPhone 5s into a washing machine, PLEASE is this the video I can get help from!?

    If this is the wrong video can anyone recomend me a better video, if you guys are helping me and the phone waking up I’m going to subscribe to you then, I SWEAR TO GOD!😅😄

  • The Homesmen

    Step #1, And, oh yeah, also, you have to have an electronic microscope and the smallest screwdriver known to humankind to remove the two screws.

  • Sophie LivesinaBlueMoon

    taking the damn screen/glass off is more difficult than it seems

  • raman toor

    I doped my IPhone 7 in the toilet I was peaing and it sliped out my hands then my arm flushed the thing my dad took it out he broke the toilet and it shattered

  • anonymous clark

    why we cant use hair dryer

  • Gregg York

    what to do when i forget to power off it??

  • Term Productions

    like an idiot I dropped mine in the tub, but siri is still working? wtf xD

  • Prem.S selvaraj

    dropped iphone 5s in water then automatically phone hitted

  • Prem.S selvaraj

    how to ready iphone

  • Evelyn cano

    I got in a hot tub that was 104 degrees for a good 20’minutes and now it doesn’t work😭😭

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