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iPhone 5s Screen Repair done in 11 minutes. Best video.

iPhone 5s Screen Repair done in 11 minutes. Best video.

White Screens are HERE:
Black Screens are HERE:
Here are the tools I bought from Amazon:

Let me know if the links stop working.

Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:
Fingerprint scanner metal latch:

Home Buttons for the iPhone 5s are HERE:

Front Camera/flash sensors:

If you lose any tiny screws you can find replacement ones HERE:


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Just a heads up, in this video when you re-install the silver home bracket, it’s installed the opposite way as the original placement (compare 2:36 to 7:45). I found that if it’s installed the same way as the video, it makes the home button feel “loose” or like it was installed incorrectly. May want to add a note to the video for your viewers. Cheers, – kdugas06


Everything else you need to know about replacing the cracked screen on your brand new apple iPhone 5s is shown in this video. This video shows how to replace the whole screen as a unit, (digitizer/LCD combo). It is pretty easy to do this repair yourself. No need to pay someone else a ton of money to fix it for you. If you have any questions on how to replace your shattered iPhone screen, make sure to leave them in the comments below.

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  • Joey Duncan

    the screen works great, i am having an issue with the home button though. I have checked the connection and it still is not working. Should i attempt to replace it, or is there something i may have missed.

  • Nacole Taylor

    I tore the ribbon cable that was attached to metal part of the screen. And I has on part of the screen black. Can I replace that part ?

  • Dasia Hinton

    okay so I really need a response ASAP I had a LG and it completely is done for so my.friend gave me this 5s for $30 because the screen is broke. it IS NOT CRACKED!!! it just lifted up a little bit at the top and wont turn on. Does that mean the cables slipped out of place? Like is there anyway that all I have to do is take the screen off, snap the cables back, and close it again? Or do I still need to buy a whole new screen? please reply it could save me the money.

  • Joe Esp

    Awesome, video, simple straight to the point. Saved lots of money. You should look into a career in voice over work lol. Thanks a bunch!!

  • wscott2215

    Whats the best screen replacment to buy?

  • JadenDoingStuff

    My screen fell off lol will this still work

  • Ceyhun Güzel

    I have trouble unscrewing the home button bracket. did you use the same screwdriver

  • Darren Brooks

    Well that was a lot easier than I thought
    Great fix for £14 thank you 😊 and only took about 45 mins👍

  • somethingstupidthiswaycomes

    So, which way does that little metal piece you told us to remember go? You skipped putting it back on

  • h.r.b.a #being me

    If u were to damage your home button ribbon cable would putting in a new home button work with the phone or would u have to buy the whole motherboard also

  • Wayne Hudson

    This was probably the best video on phone repair that I have watched and I can assure you that I have watched a bunch of them. (tech support) Good clear video, honest communication regarding removing and replacing the components and very concise. I will look for your videos when I have future needs for knowledge transfer. Thank you very much.

  • Storm Schutte

    Thanks Jerry~!

  • oleww50

    Another precise and helpful video thanks!

  • Quenton Sutton

    do you need the metal bracket holding the home button? Can’t seem to get it off…

  • Tyler Findlay

    Is it possible to buy a new earpiece speaker as well? My wife’s phone has a cracked screen and the speaker is really low volume.

  • Ben Miles

    Thanks for the great instructions. Really helpful and clear. It would be good if the volume was a bit higher though. But that’s fine I can turn it up at my end. 🙂

    My replacement screen didn’t come with the grounding pad – is that a problem? Once I’d installed it a 1/5 of the screen wasn’t working. I’m not sure if that’s to do with the lack of grounding pad or the screen was defective. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Michelle B

    That Home Button ribbon was a PAIN IN THE NECK. The Home Button works but the Fingerprint ID doesn’t work . Does that mean that the ribbon isn’t clicked in all the way? Oh.. And I got the bottom screws back in but the sides of the screen are a little loose.

  • Sarah Snyder

    I bought a kit to do it at home, but my screwdriver wore out and won’t get the screws out of the home button! Help. 🙁

  • KronicNitron

    I got a iphone 5s with water damage in the lcd i see water droplets. It turns in but the lcd doesnt respond so do i replace screen and lcd or that and more

  • Mikey Joseph

    move your fucking fingers u fucking chode

  • Mikey Joseph

    i am coming for your life jerry

  • Rhianne Scothmer-Clay

    can apple do it for me ?

  • Adam Smith

    Thanks for the link to the screen. It is hard to know who has a good replacement screen anymore. Ordered one, we’ll see how it works.

  • Kara Fuhriman

    Such a great tutorial!

  • Communist_Penguin

    10/10 managed to replace screen while drunk after a night out

  • Howl Artwork

    You my friend have been an amazing help, thank you!

  • nikol xhakolli

    Where can I buy the front screen replacement in the uk (England) ?

  • Wade Smith

    what sized screwdriver is that at 2:28?

  • Sky Pow

    After peeling off the connector from the metal plate it won’t got stick back
    What adhesive should be used???? help

  • James Timmons

    Fuck this I’m buying a new phone tomorrow.

  • Sid Rift

    Great instructional mang!

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