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iPhone 5S Take Apart Repair Guide

iPhone 5S Take Apart Repair Guide – Bringing it to you first, the iPhone 5S is fully disassembled in this video teardown / repair guide. If you are looking for how to fix your iPhone 5S, this video guide will walk you through it all!

Each step of this take apart is shown in detail to fix any of the most common damages your iPhone 5S may have, including: a cracked touch screen digitizer, broken LCD display, non-functional headphone jack, damaged dock port, and much more.

Find all of the Parts & Tools you need to fix your iPhone 5S at:


  • DFKnightmare

    What happens if you try to turn it on without the battery plugged in?

  • Sam Yang

    Wow,good video, I know repair my iphone now and buy some parts for, is a good website, good price.

  • Rocket

    i probably messed up my iphone 5’s internals because the screen wouldnt pop out so i had to force it

  • Godofredo Mendillo III

    very organize thanks for this tut.

  • Wayne Filkins

    What happens if you take everything out and hook it all together and try to turn it on without the case? Just curious if it’s safe to do that.

  • Billebull GFX

    what are the first 2 screws sizes?

  • gii SB

    assembly…you keep using that word, i dont think it means what you think it means,

  • Reyhan Pradantyo

    Hi I don’t know if you’ll reply to this but I really need help. So the back camera (which should lie flush with the back cover) of my 5s got pushed in. I’m planning to open my phone myself to fix that. It still works but I hate how it looks and I feel it would be hard to clean in the future! So, will I need to unplug the battery first before fixing the camera or can I just go ahead and reposition the camera? Thanks

  • LittleWesternStudios

    hi, i was wondering, i got an used iphone 5s and the thing with it, is that the screen would not respond, so i took it apart, moved the flex cables and it worked, everything was fine until i put the screen back into its place on the metal chassis, now its dead, i tried the same process again, it ended up the same way, and i dont know whats wrong, the screen would turn on and work fine while it was loose but back into its place, its dead… is there any solution to that problem?

  • kim foster

    What do I do if the flex cable came detached from the home button? When I was using the suction cup to lift the screen side up, I pulled too hard and the flex cable detached from the screen side. Is there an adhesive I can use to reattach?

  • Joseph Flores

    Now how u put it back asshole

  • Beastboy777

    Man that looks like its hard to put back together

  • newry123

    i mixed the 4 screws up, that hold the lcd connector cover can anybody tell me what size goes where,cheers

  • Albert Liu

    I tried to open the battery, It lit fucking fire

  • David Alan Goldberg

    “An nen yoo smill snahp roob nez skiddly vemdrip…” Please ditch the death rocker doom music and speak up.

  • mary a hoffman

    The battery on my phone was difficult to remove due to the adhesive, just like you warned.

  • papersly vg

    so what i understood from this is my phone is totally fucked and i just need to get a new one

  • kameran. net

    very good video thanks

  • TankMcHavoc Productions

    Watching on my 5s

  • Clinton Makayi

    Very helpful, Thank you

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