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iPhone 8 Teardown! – Screen and Battery Replacement Video

iPhone 8 Teardown! – Screen and Battery Replacement Video

iPhone 8 Replacement parts:
Tearing down the iPhone 8 is oddly familiar… With the same basic construction as the iPhone 7, its a relief to not have to use a heat gun to repair components inside the iPhone. The screen of the new Apple iPhone 8 will come away from the device with a screw driver, a suction cup, and a thin metal pry tool.

The battery inside the Iphone 8 has a bit different construction. It is held in place by four different pull tabs. One on each corner. I like this because if you mess up on one pull tab, its not as big of a deal.

iPhone 8 Durability Test video:

Awesome iPhone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:

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  • travis meeks

    you sir, are the man!

  • Rimshad Khan

    Pls tell me i phone 8 battery mah ?

  • Mr. Akins

    you don’t have to heat it up befor hand.

  • My Lord

    All this guy had to do was wait a couple more weeks and the battery would have removed the screen for him.

  • Breezy Jun

    Bro it’s not even released in my country yet

  • Junho Son

    his voice is so iconic…

  • Ethan Winograd

    This makes me so nervous

  • MJ Reviews

    what about the swelling battery issue of iPhone 8 ? it bothers me these companies could care less on our safety …

  • Kodiak

    Ya gunna have to replace that battery or else it will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger etc etc

  • Amy G

    Your channel is amazing!!

  • BH4x0r

    i still see space for a headphone jack

  • Eric P

    “I found it easy to just slide in the tip of my tool”

  • catsdgs

    In the video description of this video

  • Susazeu

    Jerry, as of October 2017 there are reports of batteries expanding and cracking iPhone 8 open. Have you seen any? Did you experience any problems? Thanks!

  • Mathew Chuckrey

    Could you take a part a iPad at some point?

  • Freedom Tech.Just Fix it.

    Hey Jerry
    Question: Is iphone 8 screen same as iphone 7 screen ?


    nice man

  • Reshay Alfghani

    good to know.

  • imran Shaikh


  • Fajar Ginting

    After I See this video. …..,
    Why iPhone so expensive? 🤔🤑

  • Jackson Ballard

    The ironic thing is that I watch this on the iPhone 8

  • Thib L. Est.

    I gotta admit. Making a water resistant phone without having to heat everything up with a heatgun is quite a good thing. I bought my OnePlus 5 because of the non-existence of adhesive this phone had,making the repair easier from the start. If every phone had this idea, things could be way easier to work with

  • ss ss

    Fuck you apple at 1:33 the battery is 1821 mah
    that why you never say any thing in the introduction

  • David Reyna

    Just the tip of my tool 😂😂😂

  • Ferrariassassin Gaming

    Does the home button and 3D touch still work after Replacement? I own and run a repair business and Everytime a new iPhone is released I fear it because it could put me out of business.

  • Vincent R

    no link for the screen replacement??

  • Ninganagouda Biradar

    Plz teardown letv lemax 2 mobile phone

  • Umesh Acharya

    Waiting For iPhone X Durability Test and Teardown😀

  • TrueTDH

    is that a fake iphone?

  • Fernanda Ferreira

    Comprei um Iphone 8 Plus na Blue Store Brasil e amei o aparelho, mesmo sendo replica o celular e ótimo superou minhas expectativas, recomendo a loja…

  • Dilzy2 Media

    If you reapply new waterproofing adhesive, would the waterproofing capabilities be restored?

  • TechGuy2005

    Is the iPhone 7 screen the same as the iPhone 8

  • ottoswinebar

    Congratulations Adam.
    Great Channel

  • James Bond

    This is cool watching these videos I never attempt this though I just bring my phone to the repair shop to fix it but still it’s very very interesting to see the inside of your phone

  • Andro Tech Master

    Might be odd question but i cant find the answere anywhere…. Screen looks preety much like iphone 7 screen do you have any idea if iphone 7 screen would work with iphone 8? Like iphone 5s screen works with iphone se … TIA

  • PizzyP

    Ehemm…. *EverythingApplePro* can do it, why you cant 😯😯

  • dimyata

    This is COOL: recommend. See and this 3.0

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