iPhone SE repair Yuma AZiPhone SE Repair Services

The iPhone SE has the size that faithful Apple iPhone users have come to love and so many of the features and technological advancements that the iPhone 6S and 6 Plus showcased. With an A9 micro chip, 12 MP camera, HD retina display and more, the new SE was a great addition to the Apple line of innovative iPhones.

iPhone SE Screen Repair

While the iPhone SE does have the strongest Gorilla Glass released so far and also has the added bonus of its smaller sized screen being less susceptible to damage, these phones still get dropped like they hot. Seeing your new iPhone SE crashing down onto a Yuma sidewalk isn’t on anyone’s to-do list. If your iPhone SE doesn’t survive the fall and you pick it up with a cracked screen, roll on over to Skins And Armor for a professional iPhone SE repair!

iPhone SE Water Damage

Like the phones before it, the iPhone SE does not do well submerged in water. However, there are times during an Arizona summer that we all can’t wait to dive into a pool to cool down. When this happens and we forget to empty our pockets bad things happen. Not to worry though, because if you live within the Yuma city limits then Skins And Armor is a short drive away from you. If you get here quick enough, our technicians can evaluate your iPhone SE for repair, open it up, dry it out and replace any damaged parts. Visit Skins And Armor in Yuma, Arizona today if you have a water damaged iPhone SE and get a free repair evaluation!


The experts at Skins And Armor Cell Phone Repair of Yuma are specially trained to replace or repair iPhone screens. We will remove the damaged screen, clean out the debris and replace the screen and LCD in no time. Our quick and professional technicians only use the best tools and replacement parts so your iPhone SE will back to new in no time.