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Solving Android SDK Problems

Solving Android SDK Problems

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In my last tutorial, I showed you how to install the Android development tools. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to solve many of the Android SDK Problems you have recently sent me.

We’ll look at:

1. How to speed up the emulator
2. Solve the problem in which the Android SDK Manager could not find packages
3. Solve the Android SDK parse error problems
4. Solve the issue in which the emulator doesn’t execute your program.
And, much more….

If you have any other problems leave a comment below and I’ll solve them.


  • khaled tlili

    I tried testing my app on Android Studio but I was getting stuck at “Could not automatically detect an ADB binary some emulator functionality will not work until a coustum path to ADB is added in the extendded sting page .. how can i solve this problem ?

  • the droid

    you didn’t even come close to helping at all, I always have the rarest errors.

  • Rohit Patil

    I got this error while downloading the updates plz recommend solution for this Cannot download ‘’: Read timed out
    , response: 200 OK
    Warning: An error occurred while preparing SDK package Google Repository: Cannot download ‘’: Read timed out
    , response: 200 OK.

  • Divya Ambhore

    Launching app
    Error while waiting for device: Timed out after 300seconds waiting for emulator to come online.
    please help me to resolve this problem

  • delcio lopes

    Cannot find AVD system path. Please define ANDROID_SDK_ROOT

  • Blerina Kotorri

    Unknown error: Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!

  • F3o0x

    Unknown error: Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!

  • daniel dehlin

    you should also add linux ubunto and debian

  • Jb StudioNow

    how to fix this sdk location not found Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an android_home envirnment variable

  • shirwan rashid

    i face problem when i want to open it show me this sentencess:OHNOES! 🙁 Your ancient browser broke our internetz. Want to see how bad? CLICK HERE.

  • Ashutosh Dodia

    i can not find android-sdk folder …… do i need to reinstall whole software ?


    I’m trying  to install xamerin for Visual Studio but it is giving problems about the sdk because I already have android studio installed which means I already have the sdk. so I believe there is a clash somewhere so It does not allow me to install. how do you go about solving this problem

  • Maha Khan

    I’ve installed, uninstall and then reinstalled Android studio a couple of times. I’m not able to access my SDK tools tab. I know I have a white space directory but I’m not using NDK to do anything. Why can’t I access it? I don’t know how to solve this problem. Please take a look at it through the following link:

  • Anas Mehdaoui

    How to fix: Android SDK is not configured for module”blablabla” or corrupted


    i got msg at last error install_failed_older_sdk when i installed my apk file how to solve it

  • Платон Шереметьев


  • Hafsa Butt

    Error “merger failed SDK version 10 cannot be smaller than version 14” 🙁 🙁



  • Action Games

    Hello sir, I hope you would be fine, i saw your video about resolving problem in Andriod Studio. I am using 2.3.3 versiion i am facing a problem when i am loading a project it indicates some error in Message Gradle Build 1.Error:No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘icon’ with value ‘@mipmap/ico’).
    2.Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:processDebugResources’.
    > Failed to execute aap
    Please guide me about this error, how i can rectify this error. Waiting for your response. Thanks

  • abram smile

    hello can you help me i cant solve this problem
    when i install android studio this message appear in the screen ” SDK Components setup ”
    under the Android SDK location
    message is ” an existing android sdk was detected. the setup wizard will only download missing or outdated SDK components ”
    thinks 🙂

  • filmhouse

    the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!
    help me please !!!

  • Anirudh Jaiswal

    Hello sir,
    I build an app although its not completed yet but for testing i have to used , the problem is-
    the application works fine when i deploy the application in mobile
    using USB debugging but it dont works when i share the .apk file of the
    app through email or share it. 
    It installed succesfully on the other phone but when i try to open the app it shows
    “Unfortunately Stopped”. I am not getting the solution.

  • Madham Naren

    hey Derek! i had been facing a lot of errors installing android…. but one error has been irritating me since a long time!! the error is something like this

    D:WorkspaceMyFirstAppresvaluesstyles.xml:7: error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘Theme.AppCompat.Light’.

    Please help me solve this….

  • Reenu saxena

    i have an error when i create my simple app. there is error: failed to create MD5 hash file and failed to create snapshot of output.. what is this problem and to solve it

  • rm187loco


    I have error Your CPU does not support VT how do i create a emulator ?


  • nimisha jasuja

    Help me , my app looks diffrent on emulator and preview. What should I do ?

  • vankudothu Vijay

    sir how to solve ” Error: Manifest merger failed with multiple errors” in andriod studio.plz reply

  • noshad ahmad

    witch packages i need to install of sdk for making apk file

  • noshad ahmad

    nice video sir i installed android studio but while installing sdk packages it showing me installation did not complete successfully. see the ide log for details how to fix it please help me

  • rm187loco


    I am trying to type the syntax import android.util.log with correct syntax but it disapears straight away i am learning from a video the guy is using the basic activity for his project so am i mine comes up with this error can you help ?


  • simo simo

    plz how to solve “Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!”

  • Ian Kamau

    how do i fix this error
    Warning:Project is building density based multiple APKs but using tools version 19, you should upgrade to build-tools 21 or above to ensure proper packaging of resources.
    Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:processDebugResources’.
    > Failed to execute aapt

  • jayanthsaikiran

    what about linux?

  • Ashwin srivatsa

    When I run my project and deploy it on my device the views are not shown properly although the code is perfect can you help me out

  • Paras Shishodia

    sir i m getting these error n still after many efforts dis not resolved

    SSLException: Connection has been shutdown: Tag mismatch!

    InvalidVirtualFileAccessException: Accessing invalid virtual file: jar://C:/Users/amansiso/AppData/Local/Android/sdk/platforms/android-26/android.jar!/; original:417; found:-

    in my android studio manager all the platforms are uninstalled n are unble to install always fails….

    please tell me what to do….asap

  • Nazmi Azhar

    Hi derek 🙂 im facing this probs “unable to access android sdk add-on list”. How can i fix it

  • Victor Design

    I have an Issues related to Android Studio, when I export an APK from that program. When I tri to export it, I get an error : package name must contain at least 2 segments. if you know how to solve it, please contact me.

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