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Touch Problem in android. How to fix Android touch Problem

Touch Problem in android. How to fix Android touch Problem

this video is about reaping mobile touch Problem. It is easy to fix touch Problem if display is not fully damaged. I personally experienced it. Hopefully it will be helpful for all sufferer.. I know it is 100 % tric so plz like subscribe and share my channel to appreciate me.

Note-( Due to some cause last pat of the video u can see in the next video, u can get link of the last part in the end of this video screen…. video link of part 2 video is..

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  • Asif Ikbal

    nice info

  • Entertainment House

    its really work yrr

  • Tu Muy Bien

    My lighter didn’t come with that cable inside. Now I have a phone and lighter dysfunctionals.

  • Typical Saw U

    Im sad because he face :(…he said

  • ilyas latif

    its work thank you bahi lakan ya kasa mumkin ha


    i want to repair my touch screen

  • Uncle ED

    Fuck u indian bitch

  • Chirag Nagwdiya

    bhai back button no working

  • Vinay Kumar

    Bro it worked for me… Thank u…..

  • Jomar Acorda

    im gonna test im phone when it works i will subscribe you and likes

  • Jomar Acorda

    sorry for my grammar because im filipino šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  • sharndeep singh

    bai power button press karne ke baad touch working nahi karti plzz help

  • Gotamlal Damorr

    puri puri dish play nahi kam Karen ki wjh

  • sharndeep singh

    jab v me power bottun dabata hu to touch working nahi karti

  • sharndeep singh

    bai kon sa method

  • Shelli RK

    Title is in English, but help isn’t.. I need help, coolpad phone touch screen doesn’t respond! Notifications continue to come, messages, calls..but touch screen will not respond! So frustrating!

  • Akram Shaikh

    Does it work for Android?
    And my Android Touch Stopped working Fully…
    Display works fine

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Not working

  • The King Asfoo

    Dear mery mobile ka screen toot Gaya Hain Kya ye Tek hoga asy

  • mathew v chacko

    Thank you dear.. now my mobile touchscreen is working…

  • Nitesh Shrestha

    thanks.. It really does work..

  • PeDzā€¢DZN

    Why It title is English But Language is Hindi

  • Mustafijul Haque

    Nice video and warning too

  • asad shaik

    It didn’t work bro

  • Umang Chaudhary

    Thank you so much bro

  • Mohd Aamir Razvi

    Bhai mere home back resat button kaam nahi kar rahe hai kya ye waha bhi kaam karega plz reply me fast

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