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Upgrade iPhone 6S 16GB Storage to 128GB

Upgrade iPhone 6S 16GB Storage to 128GB

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Where there is a demand, there is an opportunity. As more and more iPhone 16G users are not satisfied with its storage, a new upgrade technology arose. REWA tell you how to upgrade your iPhone 6s 16GB memory storage to 128GB.
Attention: 1. Apple official after-sale support does not accept the phone repaired by third-party.
2. There is a possible risk for upgrading iPhone. If this technology was widely applied, Apple official may take some measures to stop this.
3. Skilled repair techs are required for the operation.

Tools Used:
iPhone 6s 128GB Nand Flash Memory Chip:
PCIE Nand Flash Memory Chip Programmer :
Electric Soldering Station:
Hot Air Gun:


  • 18 25

    Where do you buy the NAND flash memory chip pls ?
    also what is the name of the programming software ?

    many thanks

  • Tekaruki

    What a shitty Video. You dont even show how to take out the motherboard.

  • zrebrutibreniti

    does this work on ipads?

  • ElectrolyticBoy TM

    Very cool man!

  • Divy Pratap Singh

    Can i upgrade my 6s memory with 7’s sd card???

  • Nelson Lobo

    imo the solder wasnt successful since while desolderin the guy uprooted 4bga pads from the pcb which may have been useful for the nand processing… its visible at 5:01 and 5:06 that 4 pads have been ppucked off while desoldering… can u explain how is it working…

  • ciottone74

    Fukking video ! Dont see

  • MasteRig

    I broke my iphone 🙁

  • Fix Me

    Hello sir, i have a question

    Why did u add tin on the new flash memory? They should come with well placed pads right?

  • hadi hassu

    it worked it worked the dislike button worked

    isheep community

  • 宋木火

    Is there any risk to iPhone after upgrade the chip?

  • Ernesto de Menibus

    all the things cost more then a 128gb iphone 6s lol

  • صلاح الخياط

    What is the name of the device that you put memory on

  • prajay rai

    if i changed nand flash chip there is change imei number or not please tell me

  • Cross Fader

    How the heck your operating system use just 1gb?:))

  • Borun kcb

    When you open the chip I see you break 4 balls ( 5.10 sec from mother board) ,without those 4 points how this chips works!!! Could you answer please

  • Joshin’

    Damn! How impossible is that?? Wow 😮

  • Blessed Mother

    Would a 256GB drive work as well, or any higher?

  • PaulMasterProX

    Can you do this with any logic board?

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