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Wifi antenna Repair – iPhone 4 How to Tutorial

Wifi antenna Repair – iPhone 4 How to Tutorial

In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to replace wifi antenna on iPhone 4. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos.
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  • FryRyKICKs

    And then after all your lost 3 minutes! Figure it out yourself with THIS tutorial!! =] (This Tutorial Is A Fck waste of time)

  • crusherxman

    What the fuck is this? You’re only replacing the EMI shield! (or whatever it’s called)

  • Celine

    after this tutorial, my iphone could not search my provider anymore…. can anyone help me please?

  • Hard Castle

    such and idiot
    and your asking us to like and subscribe hahah !! 
    you did no shit at all can help us to fix the wifi antenna retarded 

  • kimeh6

    people!!! reset all your settings and the carrier will be back !

  • Kevin Spiteri

    I never said youre being dumb, I was  replying to the guy who did not understand he had to buy the part first.

  • Michael Onyango

    Stupid video!

  • nkuyu g

    how can i find the little black thing near the batterie screw? plz help

  • candewan

    Does anyone know why my iphone 4s will not respond to the sim card reader. It will not even go to the page where you insert the pin code! 
    Thanks for the help. 
    Ps. What is the small connector located under the bettery connector function. I’ve lost it 🙁

  • 2coool Foskool

    You took it apart but never explained how to fix the Wi-Fi?


    This video is stupid, cause the only thing this video explain is how to remove the lcd connector shield. This is not what u call repair!!!!!!! CHANGE THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO!!!!

  • Erick Salazar

    que estupido video imbecil

  • warboat1

    FFS, the EMI shield is NOT the wifi antenna. The wifi antenna is part of the metal edge on the outside of the phone. This EMI shield has a little metal clip at the top (you can just see it in this video) that completes the circuit between the motherboard and the external antenna. The metal plate of this EMI shield is insulated from the metal clip by plastic, have a close look at it. The metal plate of this shield is NOT an antenna.

  • Gustavo Lorenzoni

    retarded mother fucker fucking faggot fucking fuck fag fucking fuck fuck 

  • alkomandoz


  • tyler ferkin

    People saying this doesn’t work it will if the phone was repaired before and that bit was damaged

  • Mohit Khaneja

    i did the same n now my iphone is  not getting on -_-

  • Diana Tran

    Does this disable “Find my iPhone” making it totally useless before the iPhone cannot use Wifi/LTE.

  • Paintonix SFX

    wtf didn’t even explain how to fix wifi

  • Paintonix SFX

    just reported this video for misleading text!

  • kier g

    this worked amazingly for me fixed my issue in seconds very happy

  • i dont give a fudge

    so all i have to do is disassemble as shown and then put it back?

  • Jim Pakroll

    OMG!!! Where is repair?


    Fuck! Waste my fucking time on this shit!

  • birdandthe

    this is not the antenna, you have just removed connections cover plate.

  • Lee Moore

    GUYS, this is not the antenna. Ignore this video and vote it down

  • Bruce Wayne

    ridiculus video,please,close your channel

  • GreatDragon

    I dunno about the bad coments but this is very accurate, it help me a lot

  • henry navarro

    sucks video

  • Eubel ahmed


  • jess jesse

    1: wast off time ! You called screwing logicalboard repair atennas ! Video teach you lies! Kids 3 year can screw dude! Stoooopeth video!

  • jess jesse

    2: simcard = written in java editor tools! Simcards = just files systems & how do you visual this on your iphone or pc screen ! Easy peasy dude!

  • jess jesse

    3: the circuitboard & electronic guys= your 666 scam liars ego sadist filtht liars! Reminder they hidden informations! Scumbags !

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